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Monday, February 7, 2011

Adrenaline Rush

I won’t forget that day when our company gave us those handkerchiefs as a sign of support for Korea’s Soccer Team~! I was curious and surprised at the same time. I thought, “Is this really important?” I mean, I always hear about this from my friends but I didn’t know they do those things. For example, mothers think it’s lucky to give birth during the Soccer World Cup. That was really interesting. Anyway, even though we’re not Koreans we were also nervous for the match. We were nervous for our friends. Well, because we talk to them everyday, we can feel their excitement for that upcoming event. We can’t help but shout “Ddaehan Mingguk~!” Though they didn’t reach the top, it was worth the climb! Go Korea~!


  1. hi there..i love korea too..especially the cute n hot singer band; super junior,DBSK, Shinee..and many to mention all here.anyway i luv them!^^

  2. kkkkk, yeah they're very interesting. ^_^